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At the end of the storm is a golden sky,
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Walk on through the wind,
Walk on through the rain.
Though your dreams be tossed and blown...
Walk on, Walk on with hope in your heart
and you'll never walk alone.
You'll never walk alone.

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Thursday, April 3rd... Spring Break 2003 (New York)

Spring Break 2003... New York City Thursday's highlights:
  • Visit Carnegie Hall
  • Shopping!
  • Dinner in Little Italy
  • Beauty and the Beast
More details on the Trip Itinerary

We awakened Thursday morning to the sound of the fire alarm. After we all got our exercise running down seven flights of stairs then back up again, we were able to head back to our rooms and prepare for the day ahead. We later found out that the alarm was triggered by a smoke sensor due to someone burning a bagel in a microwave or something like that.
Decorated DoorDecorated DoorDecorated Door
On the way down to the lobby, for breakfast, we noticed that several rooms had decorated their door the night before. I've posted pictures here so everyone at home can enjoy these decorations as well.
Mr. Emig interviews students about the fire alarm
Mr. Emig interviews students about the fire alarm
Downstairs, we were greeted with a nicely-prepared breakfast in the hotel, in a special room we had to ourselves. I was impressed. At the right, you see Mr. Emig asking each student their opinion on the fire drill to obtain video footage for the choir video.
Diner from Seinfeld
Diner from Seinfeld
On the way to Carnegie Hall, we passed the diner from Seinfeld, which, although we only saw it briefly as we drove by, many were quite happy to catch a snapshot and see it in person.
Carnegie Hall
Carnegie Hall
Our first stop Thursday morning was at Carnegie Hall. We went on a guided tour of parts of the hall, then visited the hall museum and gift shop.
Kathleen and Christine display items they purchased
Kathleen and Christine display items they purchased
After the tour, we split up into smaller groups to go shopping and eat lunch.
Mr. Emig takes photos in the lobby
Mr. Emig takes photos in the lobby
Group picture
Group picture
After returning to the hotel and preparing for dinner and the musical, we once again took pictures in the lobby.
After heading to Little Italy, we ate dinner at Puglia's, which was quite enjoyable both because of the food and the music. After dinner, we had a bit of time to spare, so we decided to do a bit more shopping. (surprised?)
The evening concluded with the musical Beauty and the Beast. The show was quite enjoyable, but, like yesterday, I can't post any pictures here due to copyright reasons.
Times SquareTimes Square
On the ride back to the hotel, we passed through Times Square, which we'll be visiting Saturday. Since we probably won't see it on Saturday during the nighttime, I wanted to capture it today when I had the chance.
After returning to the hotel, we headed back to our rooms to get some much-needed sleep. We'll be waking up early tomorrow morning, so I should get to sleep now myself too... It's 2 AM! Goodnight from New York. -Tom-
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