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Set me as a seal upon your heart,
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— Spring 1999

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Wednesday, April 2nd... Spring Break 2003 (New York)

Spring Break 2003... New York City Wednesday's highlights:
  • Sight-seeing
  • Shopping
  • Check-in to hotel
  • Phantom of the Opera
More details on the Trip Itinerary

Singing in front of Ground Zero
Singing in front of Ground Zero
We arrived at ground zero this morning at 11:30 AM or so. (New York time) After taking pictures and viewing the area, we sang The National Anthem in traditional MHS Choir fashion.
Next, we moved on to an hour-long period of shopping and eating lunch. During this time, I'd have to say that I passed at least 25 shoe stores. Wow!
We then headed back to the hotel to get dressed up for the evening trip to Phantom of the Opera. You'll notice that we never got a chance to visit the Ghostbusters Fire Station because we ran out of time and did not have the address handy. We have now found the address and will try to find time to visit it later this week (hopefully).
Next we went to dinner at the Jeckyl and Hyde restaurant, which was quite enjoyable. The butler made fun of my tie. I guess you had to be there to understand. Anyway, the food was good and the restaurant had an interesting classic horror movie theme going.
Traffic on the way to see the musical
Traffic on the way to see the musical
The evening was completed by viewing the musical The Phantom of the Opera. If you haven't had the chance to see this musical in person, I would highly recommend it. The live performance has a certain emotional intensity that listening to the soundtrack alone (as I had done) can not express. For copyright reasons, we could not take any pictures, but you might be able to find some around the internet if you want a preview.
After returning to the hotel, a few rooms began decorating their doors and/or rooms for the trip, so you can expect pictures of the finished products tomorrow. Well, I'm off to get some rest so I'm at least half-awake tomorrow morning for breakfast. Goodnight! -Tom-
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