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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Tuesday, September 9, 2003 - 5:53pm General Choir Chat
Okay, the Justin Kolb concert fundraiser thing was a good idea I suppose, but it is really hard to get people to buy tickets. Okay so I sold one to my mother and I bought one, relatives live too far away, kids our age wouldn't even consider buying any of my tickets or going to the concert (they don't appreciate music like us), but I want to sell alot of tickets to help our choral program, any particular reason we didn't sell cookie dough or anything like that that our peers and neighbors and them would buy?
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Re: Fundraiser
Posted by TDobes on Wed, 09/10/2003 - 9:52am

I appreciate the trouble you're having selling tickets. I've had similar difficulty trying to sell tickets to our concerts. (even Winter and Spring!) Perhaps you could convince your mother to try and sell some tickets wherever she works? Her coworkers might be more likely to buy than the kids you've asked. Then again, maybe not... but it's worth a try.

I believe the reasons we elected to do a fund-raising concert of this sort rather than a more tradition "sell stuff" campaign are:

  1. We're trying to spread "culture" into the community. The hope is that, by attending this concert, people will be exposed to a type and caliber of music that is rarely found in this area.
  2. Cookie dough (and other foodstuffs) sales are much more difficult to coordinate. It's necessary to go through all the sales sheets, find totals, then sort all the goods when they're delivered by student. Depending on how you run the sale, it may be necessary to chase after students to get their customers to pay. There have been cases of students getting lazy and not delivering what people purchased, which gives the program a bad name with the end customers. Most students, of course, would be responsible, but a couple irresponsible students can really make life miserable for whomever is coordinating the fund-raiser.
  3. I might be wrong about this, but I believe we make less profit doing a typical fund-raiser. After we make up our initial investment on the concert, ticket sales are nearly 100% profit. This is probably the biggest reason.

This is just my understanding of the situation. Feel free to ask in class about selling food or some other type of fund-raiser. Anyway, good luck with those ticket sales and I'll see you at the concert.


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